Almost 100 years after the Sykes-Picot Agreement they are still carving up the Middle East

Map-1024_178602kDrawing lines across maps and then pocketing whole regions as their property; they were very good at it and, while the “they” being referred to is the British, it could also be the French or any of the other colonial powers. Today it is the United States and its allies. Those allies are called “the international community”, and surprise, surprise, the “international community” includes …..yes, bingo, the British, and the French, and other erstwhile colonial powers

However, for the purposes of this piece, back to the “they” being refered to in the first sentence have you ever wondered why the continent of Africa has all those straight border lines? Or, have you heard about the agreement  signed by British India’s Sir Mortimer Durand, who we are told, was a Persian scholar and spoke the language fluently, but failed to impress his superiors in London, and Afghan Amir Abdur Rahman Khan back in 1893? The Durand Line as it came to be known established the border between what was then British India and Afghanistan, it ran cuts through the Pashtun tribal areas and, in the south, through Balochistan, and it divided Pashtuns, Balochs, and other ethnic groups. It was inherited by Pakistan in 1947 and  …….. well it is a right old mess, isn’t it? Yes, they were good at laying the foundations for a right old

In his book ‘A Line in The Sand'(2012)  James Barr contends that, unlike Sir Mortimar Durand, Mark Sykes did create a favorable impression on his superiors and that he left Downing Street after a meeting on the 16 December 1915 “he left the prime minister and his colleagues under the impression that he was fluent in both Arabic and Turkish”, when in fact, “he could speak neither.”(ibid: 8). Of course, that favourable impression was to lead to his being instrumental, along with his equally inept French counterpart, “a diplomat  with a grudge” (ibid) Francois Georges-Picot, in the carving up of the Ottoman empire back in 1916. Furthermore, the manner in which they did so, was, according to Taki Theododoracopulus to show them (and by implication their governments): “as ignorant as George W. Bush was to be 87 years later.” He continues, by pointing out that “the 1990 wars over Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo, the Gulf War of 1991 and the disastrous Iraq war of 2003, as well as the Israeli–Palestinian tragedy can all be traced directly to  the fall of the Ottoman empire in 1920 and those two fools carving up the Middle East.”

Sykes might have had stupidity as his excuse. At least, that is suggested when Barr compares him to the “brilliantly clever” T.E.Lawrence, writing that the man who “left the prime minister and his colleagues under the impression that he was fluent in both Arabic and Turkish” (ibid), also “left Cambridge without completing his degree, but found a job through contacts as an honorary attaché at the British Embassy in Constantinople” (ibid: 38). There you have it! At best a person of the very crudest half education, at worse a veritable buffoon …… and the idiots causing chaos in the region today?

However, Taki Theododoracopulus, sees Sykes as ignorant, rather than stupid and there is even some hedging in that assessment when he suggests that, when they (Sykes and Picot) were drawing up the agreement “their minds were obviously elsewhere,before adding in parenthesis, “most likely trying to figure out whose family was older and richer.” That is probably hitting the nail on the head and the “they”, the British, or the British establishment, while generally not very bright, are not particularly stupid. At the end of the day it really is all about “the family” and “getting richer” …. and, while millions continue to die in the Middle East, there is most certainly no cunning plan apart from the one where they get richer and stay richer. However, we should not take it too personally, after all its only business.

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Another Zionist informs us that our reaction to Israel’s massacre of innocent men, women and children is Anti-Semitism

Israel invades Gaza, kills 1,800, leaves tens of thousands more maimed, and according to a certain Eylon Aslan-Levy, who is chairman of the National Council of the Union of Jewish Students and a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the bigger problem is not the oxymoronic “Jewish democracy” slaughtering innocents, but the rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe.

An obviously rather confused young man, who writes a number of very confusing things. Firstly, he says, I have been told that if I am a Zionist – which means no more than believing that Israel has a right to exist – that means I must support the murder of children”. Well, yes Mr Aslan-Levy, if you are a Zionist you do support the murder of children. Or, am I wrong in thinking that there has been an ongoing ethnic cleansing since 1948? Indeed, the “terrorized” front line Zionist settlement of Sderot is in fact built on land that belonged to the Palestinian village of Najd?

Of course,Zionists like Mr Aslan-Levy, appear to place Israel’s right to exist above every other basic human right and, while they are generally aware that all of Israel is built on Palestinian land, they will adopt the same position as the morally bankrupt Benny Morris and argue that in Israel’s case ethnic cleansing is justified. After all, as Mr Aslan-Levy informs us, Israel is a “vibrant democracy”, the only democracy in the region, ….. conveniently ignoring, of course, that it is a “democracy” which denies its own Arab citizens equal rights, which ignores international law at every turn, and which continues to illegally occupy someone else’s land.

Elsewhere in his quite pathetic defence of Israel in general, and more specifically of Israel’s daily killing spree in Gaza, Aslan-Levy draws comparisons with,  atrocities committed by  the British in Afghanistan, ISIS in Iraq, and, while forgetting to tell us why the Palestinians are in the Lebanon in the first place, what he calls the “plight” of the Palestinians in the Lebanon. Strange behaviour indeed from someone who objects to what is in fact the slaughter of Palestinian children by the Israeli Air Force and Army being compared to the slaughter of Jewish children by the Nazis. It is that analogy which is being expressed when the swastika and the Israeli flags are shown on the same placard even if we would all do well not to forget the fact that the star of David has a very special place in history away from the Zionist state. Nevertheless, while the horrors of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka and Majdanek should not be forgotten, it is today just as difficult to ignore the Palestinian father carrying the remains of his child in a plastic bag.

Finally, this person of the obviously crudest of half educations seeks to educate us when he finishes by saying,  “the lessons of history are all too plain when the perceived iniquities of a certain population develop an obsessive grip on the public imagination.” Now, if that “certain population” you are referring to includes the grieving families in Gaza, your “perceived iniquities” are nothing short of slanderous.

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The slaughter, genocide, and ethnic cleansing continues and Zionist wishful thinking wants to remove Gaza from the last map

It wasn't planned, it just happenedThe iGaza app tells me that the “death toll hits 1,830″, while from ‘the Guardian’ we can learn that the Israeli Air Force have hit another UN school, the slaughter continues and the genocide goes on and, with Israel refusing to send any delegation to Cairo for talks on a Ceasefire there is evidence to suggest that Netanyahu might be finishing off the ethnic cleansing that David Ben Gurion started all of 66 years ago. That might be the bigger picture and this Gaza slaughter could be a Zionist wishful thinking penultimate chapter with population expulsions to follow.

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“Israel’s assault on Gaza obscures core issues – racism, occupation, colonization”.

It might be time to turn off the push notifications on the IGaza app, which has just informed me that the death toll for Wednesday has just reached 130 and that some 1,360 Palestinians have now died with “no end in sight”. What is the point in going to bed angry after all? Norman Finkelstein’s  “they have gone too far” and the bigger picture has not essentially changed since the 10th of July when Rashid Khalidi wrote that “at least 81 Palestinians” have been killed. Yet, if the Colombia University professor did exercise a sort of academic caution by continuing with “… so far” the big picture was not about the number of dead on the 10th of July and it is not even about the number of dead now, even if that number has probably increased by about ten, or twenty, or thirty, or whatever, in the time it takes me to write this post.

The big picture can in fact be seen in the title of Khalidi’s article; Israel’s assault on Gaza obscures core issues – racism, occupation, colonization”. The oxymoronic “Jewish Democracy” is, a priori a racist state, which has colonized the whole of Palestine and it will only have gone too far when it is stopped. Until that happens the present slaughter in Gaza might take its place beside the atrocities at  Deir Yassin in 1948, the slaughter at Shatila and Sabra in 1982, the massacre in Gaza at the end in 2008/2009. However, as sad as it might sound, it is just one more incident,  alongside these and many, many more atrocities.

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Death toll in Gaza approaches 800 and Mark Regev would like us not to think

According to Chris Guiness, a spokesman for UNRWA, Israel killed more innocent people after the UN organisation  “asked the IDF for time to evacuate civilians, which was not given”. In this particular slaughter 15 Palestinians were killed and 200 injured. Elsewhere in Gaza the mass murder continues and the Palestinian death toll is now approaching 800. These are the statistics and it is difficult not to envisage the reality behind those figures when we read that among the dead at the school today is a mother and her one-year-old baby. Nevertheless, this is “just” one more dead mother and “just” one more dead baby and, while our humanity might lead us to shedding a tear at the news, how many tears can we shed? The slaughter continues and even if we might want to empathize with those poor souls who are being butchered in Gaza we find ourselves returning to our live.

Then along comes the Israeli government spokesman, Mark Regev, and we have the added insult to our intelligence and it becomes almost personal for while our feelings might be reigned in by common sense and a sort of rational emotive approach to the tragedy, we now have someone who is not only devoid of the milk of human kind, but who apparently thinks that we are all incapable of any sort of cognitive processing and if that is not to be believed, then I insist that you watch the video attached to this post.

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And on to the complete Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

In that Kingdom of the Blind where the three wee monkeys have taken root, the mass media induced myopia might inform us that Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” was launched to end random rocket attacks by Hamas and Hamas-backed militants on Israeli military posts and Israeli civilian areas surrounding Gaza. 

However, away from this gobbledegook world of make believe there was no military conflict and what we had was the massacre of hundreds of innocent Palestinians. Therefore, Norman Finkelstein offering hope with his contribution to that particular narrative in his book This Time We Went Too Far’ (March 31,2010) might not have appeared totally misplaced.

Unfortunately, the slaughter has recommenced;  “At least 50 dead in Israeli attack on Gaza district hospital”, ‘”Death and horror’ in Gaza as thousands flee Israeli bombardment” and “Images of the corpses of women and children were posted on Facebook as hospitals were overwhelmed with the dead, injured and those seeking sanctuary from the onslaught.” In the Kingdom of the blind where the three wee monkeys have taken root, the leopard never changes its spots and whereas we might have thought that they had already gone too far, they are only continuing on their journey and on to the complete ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

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And the United States trained and funded ISIS

A few days after writing about Washington’s plans for a new Middle East the pieces are already falling into place. Firstly, the academic hedging implied in my finding it difficult to imagine Turkey accepting the creation of a Kurdish state at all”, would appear misplaced if Daniel Dombey’s main thesis in his article in the Financial Times‘  is to be substantiated. The author argues that Ankara would be willing to accept what was once a reason for war (for Turkey) because it sees the break up of Iraq as inevitable and an independent Kurdistan, within Ankara’s sphere of influence, would be a buffer between Turkey and an Islamic state to its south.

Furthermore, if the fact that much of the financial backing for ISIS Jihadists is coming from the Washington’s three closest allies in the Sunni world – Saudi, Kuwait and Qatar – is not sufficient to convince Ankara that a new Realpolitik is required, then Obama seeking $500 million from Congress to “train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the moderate Syrian armed opposition,” should certainly dispel an doubts in the Turkish capital that the break up of Iraq and Syria, and the creation of a Kurdish state, are at least very real possibilities. Moreover, that this will also mean the creation of a new Sunni, and very conservative, if not radical, state, should be obvious to even the most myopic observer. After all, despite Obama’s reassurance that the funding will be going to “moderate” elements in Syria, William Engdahl hits the nail on the head when he says: “How do you test if a recruit is not a jihadist? Is there a special jihad DNA that the CIA doctors have discovered?”

Of course, as Mr Engdahl himself knows, neither Washington nor its Sunni allies have, nor have they ever had, any intention of vetting so-called “elements of the moderate Syrian opposition”, and he goes on to write:

“Key members of ISIS it now emerges were trained by US CIA and Special Forces command at a secret camp in Jordan in 2012, according to informed Jordanian officials. The US, Turkish and Jordanian intelligence were running a training base for the Syrian rebels in the Jordanian town of Safawi in the country’s northern desert region, conveniently near the borders to both Syria and Iraq.”

The real news is that almost one hundred years after the Sykes-Picot Agreement the borders  of the Middle East are being redrawn. However, while ISIS might envisage a new Arab Caliphate along sectarian lines and Turkey and the Arab Gulf states might seek to cement what they see as their particular spheres of influence, what we really have here is the implementation of Washington’s plan for a new Middle East.


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