A final word on the Munich shootings

President Obama on Friday: “Germany’s one of our closest allies, so we are going to pledge all the support that they may need in dealing with these circumstances.”  Well, with it now being confirmed that 18-year-old gunman, Ali Sonboly, was a bit of a loner with mental health issues, it might just be that this shooting had all the traits of a whole array of rampage killings made in the US of A. So, Mr Obama, what have you been doing in the United States to prevent killings such as these being avoided?

Still, we shouldn’t be too hard on the American president. After all, most of those killings were perpetrated by loners with psychological problems. Yes, loners not too different from Ali Sonboly. However, it might just be that the young German – and one must wonder why the German media keep referring to him as “German-Iranian” – wasn’t completely negatively influenced by a wider world where mass murder is almost the order of the day.

Moreover, the perpetrators of those mass murders won’t claim psychological problems as a defence. However, when we consider the extent of their crimes, might it not just be that Tony Blair, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Benjamin Netanyahu, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Francios Hollande, Barack Obama, and, yes, many, many, others,are all self-serving, egotistical, megalomaniac, psychopaths?

18 year-old German-Iranian behind the shootings

Following up on the two paragraphs written last night and this morning’s news is that an 18 year-old German-Iranian was responsible for the shootings and, with ‘The Guardian’ reporting that he had been involved in a shouting match with another man and screaming  “I am German!, it might be concluded that, while his motives remain unclear, a link to a terrorist organisation might be difficult to prove.

Of course, with France confirming that its special forces are operating in the Libya, that narrative might be difficult for Hollande, who is proclaiming that the Munich shootings are a “terrorist attack”, to accept .After all, the conclusion that what happened in Munich last night was motivated by anti-immigrant sentiments doesn’t quite fit his narrative, does it? Still, if they even attempt to link an 18 year-old German-Iranian to ISIS, the warning signs will surely be flashing.

In the meantime, French special forces continue to undermine Libya’s sovereignty, and createmore real terrorists who it might be expected will turn up on the streets of Western cities.

Munich shootings the all clear comes through

Thomas Baumann, a police spokesman, has just declared that only one person was responsible for the shootings, but added that at this point he cannot say anything about the killer’s identity .

However, with the perpetrator having commited suicide it shouldn’t be too difficult for the authorities to construe his identity in the next couple of hours and so it is off to bed and it is with interest that I await the narrative the authorities will have put together by the time I get up tomorrow.



Hillary Clinton and Boris Johnson send their condolences to Munich

While the intervention didn’t go as planned, Hillary Clinton “has no regrets about Libya”.  Sounds a wee bit like Tony “the war criminal” Blair, doesn’t she? And there was me,in February last year, pointing out how the French airforce didn’t prevent the Islamists from escaping north using the only road out of Mali available. Through the failed state that is now Libya and what about this from Hillary Rodham Clinton at a time when men, women, and children were being slaughtered in Gaza?:

“Hamas was perfectly well aware what would happen if they started raining rockets on Israel. They fired a thousand of them, and they have a strategy designed to force Israel to kill their own civilians so that the rest of the world will condemn them.”

Now might Hillary actually be war criminal herself? Well a Mr Zach Cartwright seems to think so, and if she isn’t, she is at least “responsible for some of the worst foreign policy blunders of the 21st century.” “Blunder”, however, is indicative of an unintentional mistake and while Hillary might not have foreseen the consequences of her foreign policy intiatives, that remains uncertain and, even if she did have an inkling of what those results would be, there is evidence to suggest that she either simply didn’t care, or indeed they were even intended consequences.

Nevertheless, whether Machiavellian megalomaniac, or bellicose bimbo, the woman is an hypocritical self-serving creature and when you read her tweet tonight telling all and sundry that she is “monitoring the horrific situation in Munich”, and that  “We (is that her and Bill, her Bill and Chelsea, her, Bill, and Chelsea, and …… and whoever?) stand with our friends in Germany as they work to bring those responsible to justice,”  don’t you just want to throw up?

Of course, Hillary is not one of kind and there we have Boris Johnston spouting out:

“Everybody is shocked and saddened by what has taken place. Our thoughts are very much with the victims, their families, with the people of Munich, and the people of Germany more widely.”

In the meantime we can read that a “ninth dead person is believed by police to be one of the killers.”. Now back to my earlier post and what are the odds against any of the killers actually surviving into the morning? And we can only speculate if Boris, Hillary, and the rest of the not so motley crew have already got tomorrow morning’s narrative sewn up.


Shootings in Munich

“Keeping up” with the shootings in Munich and the decision is to content myself with the live updates from ‘The Guardian’,having decided against revealing my ip address by logging into the social media contact through ‘ZDF heute’.

It is, of course, too early to say how this will pan out, but there is already talk already of “marauding shooting attacks” with ‘The Guardian’ adding:

The threat of a marauding terrorist attack has been feared for years in Europe. Both Islamic State and al-Qaida are known to have planned them.”

Well, that’s that then and it mght be expected that, although we are being told to wait and not speculate, this will be revealed as a terrorist attack and the three terrorists will be shot dead.

Turkey no longer knocking on Europe’s door

Ready to reinstate the death penalty Erdogan has stated:“Today, is there no capital punishment in America? In Russia? In China? In countries around the world? Only in European Union countries is there no capital punishment.”

Well, at least with China the Turkish president has picked a model that would appear to complement his megalomaniac aspirations and there the list of capital offences is endless and includes selling counterfeit medicine, embezzlement, cowardice, separatism and escaping from prison. “Separatism” and let that be a warning to those who even dare to formulate their aspirations for a Kurdish state in the public domain.

However, our Boss from the Bosphorus” isn’t content to leave it there and he adds that Turkey has “…… been knocking on the EU door for the past 53 years. They have made us wait for 53 years. Many countries who came after us are already in.” Now, here the maths are required and 53 years would take us back to 1963 and, apart from there only being a European Economic Community then that consisted of France,West Germany, Italy, and the BeNeLux states, after the military coup in Turkey in 1961 the military continued to dominate until October 1965.

Then, of course, there was that other boss from the Bosphorus, Suleyman Demirel until another military coup in 1971 ousted him. Still Suleyman was just about as single-minded and as obstinate as the present clone in Ankara and it was a stubbornness and ignorance that led to the next military coup in 1980.

Still, no point in sweeping through Turkey’s history like this.The fact is the European Union, unlike China, Russia, and the United States ….. oh and while we are at it Saudi Arabia, and the other Gulf States, Sudan, and a number of other African countries, and quite a few others …. does not have the death penalty ….. and Turkey?

It was abolished there in 2004 , or, according to Erdogan some 41 years after Turkey started knocking on Europe’s door. Well, the evidence would appear to suggest that the knocking was never very sincere, the European Union at this point is not important to Ankara, and the knocking, for the time being at least, has stopped.

Germany in 1933 and Turkey Today

Franz Joseph Hermann Michael Maria von Papen zu Köningen was happy with Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor on the 30th January 1933, saying that in two months he would be pushed into a corner squeaking („In zwei Monaten haben wir Hitler in die Ecke gedrückt, dass er quietscht!“). Hardly fanciful thinking given the fact that in the first government after what was to become Hitler’s “Machtergreifung” there were only three NSDAP members in a cabinett of eleven. The rest, of course, is history.

Of course, von Papen had another reason to be smug as eight ministers in the government were either members of the DNVP (German National Peoples’ Party) or were supported by them and ideologically ……? Well, ideologically they weren’t a kick in the arse off of the NSDAP. Moreover, at that moment in time with Hindenburg still president national conservatives, like von Papen, felt their optimism was justified.

Things were, however, to change quickly; at the beginning of May 1933 the DNVP changed its name to the ‘Deutschnationale Front’ (German National Front) and on the 27th of June the party dissolved itself. The way to the “Führerstaat” was clear. With their ideological affinities with the NSDAP and with many of them moving effortlessly into the NSDAP, and with their having facilitated Hitler’s rise to power, it is often forgotten that it was these national conservatives who probably offered the only obstacle to Hitler seizing absolute power.

Today in Turkey the “Gleichschaltung” is in full swing; a state of emergency has been declared, free speech is being rebranded terrorism, over 58,000 public servants have been arrested or thrown out of their jobs, even before the coup the media had been brought to heel, and in the West people are seeing this as some sort of struggle between an undemocratic islamic and a secular democratic European Turkey.

However, even if attacking secular targets is also being used to cleanse the country of any opposition, many of these targets in the army, education, and the government are followers of Muhammed Fethullah Gülen, a preacher and former imam, leader of the ‘who, up until 2013, was Erodgan’s ally and, at least as far as Erdogan sees it, what Gülen’s Hizmet Movement represents is a threat to him acquiring dictatorial powers in Turkey.

Yes.”dictatorial powers”, because just as Adolf Hitler was never going to occupy an inter pares scenario, even as a primus, so too will Erdogan never be satisfied with anything less than absolute power and that will mean also crushing those erstwhile allies who try to prevent that happening, in much the same way as Hitler crushed his allies back in 1933.

Indeed, when we look at the dismissals, numbers of arrests, and the possibility that Turkey will suspend the European rights convention and reintroduce the death penalty. The only question worth asking is how many of those public servants, religious leaders, academics, and members of the military are going over to Erdogan. For it is that question which will ultimately decide the fate of Turkey.