"carpe diem", "que serra" and "la dolce vita"

Anyway, there was me half planning to go to Jordan to work, driving up to Nazareth and interviewing Jonathan Cook, or up to Damascas or Beruit and having a wee chit-chat with the Palestinian refugees, videoing it and getting it onto my blog, and there I was traipsing around the streets of Schwabing, with its trendy cafe life, generous “Jügendstil” apartment blocks, the great “approaching the end of autumn” weather that we have been blessed with of late, acorn and oak leaves, still crisp, lying on the streets and the sun whacking the temperatures up to over 15 degrees celcius, and me dreaming of my impending life in Amman; checking on the different DSL connections you can get in the Hashemite kingdom, satellite television available and how many Starbucks there are and where you get a wireless connection when you are traipsing around the streets of Amman. Not to worry that I would have been going there to do a job and a job, which I am not, if truth be told, terribly interested in doing. Think they might have sensed that though and about two hours ago I was notified that I am not going to get an interview. Funny though, used to get those jobs at a drop of a hat!
Alright, I am not going to Amman. Whatever and what I have just written reflects my sort of “carpe diem”, very “que serra, serra, whatever will be, will be” attitude and my reaction to my not getting an interview? Well, not really bothered, to tell you the truth, and tomorrow I will be traipsing around Munich, sitting in the ‘Deli’ or the ‘Black Bean’ with my laptop, supping my “espresso macchiato” and “carpe diem” will be indulged in but, I will try to stop my head from drifting away to a weekend break in Bahrain or Dubai, a break away from the rigours of Saudi, or popping up from Hong Kong to see friends in Shanghai, for to be honest, while the “que serra, serra” attitude doesn’t seem to contradict the “carpe diem”, truth be told, the here and now is really hunky-dory and the flights of fancy don’t do justice to it, so for the next few weeks it will be “carpe diem” and more “carpe diem” complemented by large dollops of “que serra, serra” and I will try to stop going on imaginary trips to godforsaken places until I really go.
The attached video below was taken a couple of days ago and attempts to capture “La Dolce Vita” in “Italy’s northernmost city”.



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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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