Daniel Kurtzer

Of course, they are happy in Jerusalem that Hillary is to be the “hope and change” man’s new Secretary of State and there is no attempt to hide it. However, the public reactions within Israel to another of the “hope and change” man’s appointments is interesting; “Uncle Sam’s” one time ambassador in Jerusalem and practicing Jew, Daniel Kurtzer, is to be Obama’s Middle East envoy. Another example of the true pro-Zionist nature of the next administration, I hear you say. Well, not according to some of the reactions in Israel. For instance, in 2001 Benjamin Netanyahu, said to ‘Haaretz’, “With Jews like Kurtzer, it is impossible to build a healthy relationship between Israel and the United States.”(1) It is only one of a number of public statements like this from Zionists in both the United States and Israel and Morton Klein, the Chairman of the Zionist Organistion of America is reported to have said, “We oppose the appointment of Kurtzer because of his long, documented record of hostility to and severe pressure upon Israel.”(2)
It is all, of course, absolute poppycock, Kurtzer is a practicing Jew, he has family in Israel and he helpted draft the speech that Obama gave to AIPAC a few months ago.(3) Do you remember the speech that had them all clapping and cheering, the speech where the “hope and change” man spouted out how Jerusalem will remain, undivided, the capital of all Israel? If this is an example, of the type of unbiased advocate of their cause that the Palestinians can hope for then we can begin to imagine the obstacles that they are up against. Moreover, one wonders what kind of reaction would have come out of Jerusalem had Obama nominated an Arab-Muslim as his envoy.
At the end of the day this is the type of “game” the Zionists play; great play is made of IDF soldiers tackling extremist settlers in Hebron when, in fact, both the IDF and the settlers are part of the same Zionist project, a quite useless rocket lands in the south of Israel, Livny tells the British Foreign Minister, David Millibrand that a barrage of rockets are being fired every day and that Israel’s existence is under threat and then there is a massive collective punishment, a practicing Jew who might have said something that Benjamin Netanyahu publically disagrees with is appointed as the Middle East envoy and he is sold by the Zionists as being pro-Palestinian. It really is quite a little joke, isn’t it?
1 http://www.israel-commentary.org/archives/2008_07.html
2 ibid
3 ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’ 3rd December 2008, p4


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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