Project for a New Cold War?

Robert Farley’s article, ‘Project for a New Cold War’, which appeared a couple of weeks ago in the ‘Guardian’ is interesting. However, the conclusion is only partly correct. It has as its point of reference a report by the the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB) that outlined the dangers of the increase in Chinese military expenditure. The Board, chaired by the well-known neoconservative, Paul Wolfowitz, is a part of the US State Department. Farley then goes on to argue logically and convincingly that, the Chinese are only attempting to maintain the status quo rather than shift the balance of power in China’s favour and that China only wants to preserve its deterrent with regard to Taiwan. He then goes on to conclude that “This ISAB report will serve as a template for the neoconservative approach to China and provide the foundation for critiques of Barack Obama’s China policy. It is highly unlikely that Obama will pursue the “revitalisation” of the US nuclear force, as he has already logged his opposition to the Reliable Replacement Warhead programme. The report should be understood less as an internal effort to drive policy and more as the opening shot in an effort to criticise Obama as soft on China”(1)
On the surface there would appear to be a lot of sense in Farley’s conclusion. However, it appears that it is mainly supported by the argument that Obama has “already logged his opposition to the Reliable Replacement Warhead programme.” A programme that is, indeed, supported by the neoconservatives.(2) Of course, there are a number of other things that Farley might have cited to support his theory that the neocons have at least partially fell from grace in Washington. Yes, it is true to say that it will not all be plain sailing between the zionists and neoconservatives on the one hand and the Obama administration on the other. However, we would do well to look in detail at Obama’s administration, which is full of “Hawks”, “Clintonites” and neocons,(3) and there is enough evidence to suggest that, with their people still jockeying for position in the cabinet. The neocons might refrain from being too harsh on Obama regarding China or at least the could do so until they have tried to achieve their more immediate strategic geopolitical goals. Of course, should Obama fail to help them achieve those goals then they might, indeed, pull out the card delivered by the ISAB and usher in a new Cold War. There is a cancer in American politics, an enemy within, and for Mr “Hope and Change” to live up to his expectations he would do well to root it out. The evidence, however, would seem to suggest that he is not going to, therefore, Robert Farley’s conclusion might not be wholly wrong but, for the time being at least, it looks like the neoconservatives and Obama will co-exist quite nicely and it is not Beijing who has to worry but rather the people of the Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Congo and anywhere else America is pursuing its imperialistic and, yes, neoconservative agenda. There could be a number of little “hot” wars before we can even begin to talk about a Cold War.
The pie chart shows US military spending Vs world military spending in 2008


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