Standing at the bar, supping my coffee, Charlie asked me what I think about the situation in Gaza and there was me just about to bore Charlie as much as I might bore some of my readers but I managed to keep it brief and to the point, simply telling him that as much as I might empathise with the people of Gaza, I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through, what they have gone through, what they go through and what they will go through. However, sitting in Munich that is not what this is about, sitting in Munich it is all about developing a revulsion, an aversion, a distinct distaste for the crap, the lies, lies and more lies, the hypocrisy, the disgusting drivel, the unadulterated propaganda that the Zionist/neoconservative media road show bombards us with and there was Livni today telling us, “What we (Israel) are doing represents the battle in the region – the fight against extremism and terror,” while going on to, emphasise that moderate leaders in the region understand Hamas’s terrorist ties with Iran and Hizbullah.(1) The “moderate” leaders are, of course, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and anyone else who licks “Uncle Sam’s” and his Zionist sidekick”s arse.
My point is that this drivel never fails to annoy for what it is, namely, verbal
diarrhoea, but I suppose from the point of view of the cocky conundrum that is the Jewish democracy it is a necessity; I mean if Israel is not fighting against Middle East terror and extremism as Livni claims, what is it fighting for? Well, we would, in fact, get a bit closer to the truth if we were to analyse Tzipi in today’s ‘Haaretz’, when she says, “that the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip was intended to “change the equation” in the region.”(2) This is something Israel has been doing for the last sixty years and what its ultimate success would entail is the Zionists lording it over the region. That hasn’t quite happened yet, and the evidence would seem to suggest that it won’t be any closer to happening after the current operation in Gaza.
Anyway, here is my message to Tzipi, Ehud and Ehud, Benjimin and the rest of our zany Zionists, I am bored with the bullshit, Charlie is getting a little bit bored too. However, the drivel is not just boring it is also becoming awfully offensive to all and sundry especially when it is used to justify the murder of men, women and children. Moreover, when Israel finally lets journalists into Gaza and those journalists reveal the true nature and extent of the crime we will no doubt have moved onto the next episode in our zany Zionist saga where poor little Israel, fighting for its existence, is acting as the vanguard of western civilisation against the nasty horrible terrorists and extremists. What a farce and one can only hope that the same film is not being forced down the next generation’s throats.


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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