End Days

When Armageddon arrives everyone is going to be ecstatic; the Jewish Zionists will be having spirtual orgasms and praising the coming of their “moshiac”, we will have our Christian Zionists, the “slightly” deluded dispensationalists, going into end day raptures over the second coming of the “holy hippy” and we will have our merry Muslims singing their equivalent of “Hallelluiah” on the advent of the twelth Imam, the one and only, “Mahdi”, who will be accompanied by, none other than the “holy hippy” who is going to tell the “true Christians” to become Muslims and be saved and, oh, surprise, surprise, the deluded dispensationalists are going offer 144,000 Jews salvation provided they recognise the “holy hippy” as the big man in the sky’s son. No matter that the nuclear catastrophe, the Armageddon, that accompanies, all of these orgasms or “comings”, if you get the pun, will be a sort of man made thing; it will be made by people like Netanyhu, who is telling us today that “Jerusalem will never be divided”,(1) who believes that Zionists have a divine right to land that is not theirs and who believes that Jews have to be on that land before their mystic messaih comes. However, probably more importantly, the end days will be made by our deluded dispensationalists, who massively influence American foreign policy, and believe that the Jews should be settled on all the land from the Mediterranean sea to the Euphrates river, from Sinai right into the middle of what is now Syria and then, when they are all there and after they have destroyed all the the mosques, and after they have practiced their babaric rituals for some four years, “ZAAAAAP”, they get their second “Shoah”. Still when the end of days does appear our mad Mahdis will, at least, draw some consolation from the fact that the Mahdi has arrived and after the mushroom cloud has gone away the whole world will be Muslim. Of course, after the cloud has gone away the idiots who are left over will come up with a new and “wonderfully” strange religion and and it will never dawn on them that it was they who caused the whole fucking disaster in the first place. Then, it can hardly dawn on them, after all their pea brains will view it all as a godsend, rather than a disaster, the final confrontation between good and evil, and when they go looking for their “holy hippy” or their “messaih” or their “mahdi” they will discover that he is not there and it is time to wait for the next coming. Still, on talking about “coming”; as long as porn sells better than the “pious” piffle there is a modicum of hope.
1 http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/israeli-pm-says-jerusalem-will-never-be-divided-1689015.html


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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One Response to End Days

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another excellent article written by one of natures contemporary visionaries. very well said Jim, your sense of realism both pre & post armaggedon is worthy of great praise. I suspect the moniker of a modern oracle dispensing unadulterated truth in a world of man made fiction will have broad appeal among realists of every hue across all religions, non-affiliated atheiests, agnostics & rebels without a clue. No longer Jim will you be the international man of mystery behind dark glasses, thrust into the booker prize of factual or factional literature, if you can keep up this quality of writing. Although the picture you paint is humanity looking into the abyss perhaps writing a comedy about the arch villians of contemporary nation states would suffice to play a part in pulling the deranged back from the precipice, thus giving the realists among us a right good laugh along the lines of ' Springtime for Hitler & Germany' or the Producers, what a laugh that would be, sounds better than us all dying under a mushroom cloud…don't ya think buddy?Publicaye..blah

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