Naom Shalit making efforts to secure his son’s release

Naom Shalit’s son, Corporal Gilad Shalit, was taken prisoner back in 2006 and it is only to be expected that a father would do everything to get his son back. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Mr Shalit has asked U.S. Jewish leaders to put pressure on Obama to secure Gilad’s release. Nevertheless, there is an absurdness, a perversity about this whole thing that cannot go unnoticed. Remember, Gilad Shalit was wearing an IDF uniform at the time of his capture, the uniform of the same army that has just murdered countless of women and children in Gaza. Moreover, as I pointed out in an earlier post, Gilad Shalit had no reason to be where he was; he does, after all, also hold a French passport. Indeed, the government in Paris has already tried to intervene on his behalf with the French lawmaker Philippe Marini having said some months ago that Sarkozy had phoned the Syrian President Bashar Assad to try to persuade him to get ‘Hamas’ to release the captured Israeli soldier Galad Shalit, before adding that “that France’s interest is motivated by the fact that Schalit holds French citizenship.”(1)
Yes, it is only right that Mr Shalit does everything to get his son back and he is a very fortunate man to have the backing of the United States and French governments on this matter. Indeed, I wish him success and I would genuinely welcome a Naom returning to the family fold a wiser man, a man who perhaps, understands that he is out of place occupying someone else’s land and who then takes himself off to Washington or Paris to study something useful. Nevertheless, it does remain unfortunate that the hundreds of children who died recently in Gaza have no spokesmen in Paris or Washington, indeed, their tragedy was that they couldn’t even access that one passport that might have saved their lives.


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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