Elliot Abrams and David Axelrod

Well that is it then; the former Deputy Director of National Security, a certain Elliot Abrams, thinks that intense focus on the settlements doesn’t benefit Palestinians or Israelis.(1) One might also suppose that any focus on the Palestinians right of return, the status of Jerusalem, the status and shape of any future Palestinian “state”, other than that envisaged by the Zionists, also won’t benefit anyone. No what Elliot, the pseudo American, wants is everyone getting the Palestinians to get into their “bantustans” as soon as possible and as quitely as possible. Of course, in the next few days we will have someone from Israel going over to tell Obama how he is to save face, while the construction and expansion of settlements, like Givat Ze’ev on the outskirts of Jerusalem, goes on unbounded. Although with another Israel’s pals, Dave Axelrod, as one of Obama’s senior advisor, there is no need to send anyone over to Washington to tell our “hype” man what he has to do as there are already enough “good Americans” who are more than capable of facilitating Israel’s crime.
1 http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1245924953349&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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