If you are a British national with a Palestinian name you may face problems

It was pointed out in an earlier post that, according to ‘Haaretz’ Britain’s envoy, Mathew Gould is “not just an ambassador who is Jewish, but a Jewish ambassador”.  Now that, of course, shouldn’t be too unsettling but when he himself says that he wouldn’t be able to do the job without being a Zionist, we should be at least raising our eyebrows. However, if our sensibilities are being upset, it is, when we read the travel advice that Mr Gould’s government gives to British citizens of Palestinian origin that we should be particularly offended:

Entry Requirements – British Nationals of Palestinian Origin
“If you are a British national of Palestinian origin (on the Palestinian Population Register or holding a Palestinian ID number), you will need a Palestinian passport/travel document in order to leave. If you are a British national with a Palestinian name or place of birth but without a Palestinian ID number, you may face problems. Be aware that a number of British nationals of Palestinian origin or British nationals married to Palestinian nationals have been refused entry since May 2006.”

Now, we could find ourselves getting into legal niceties when it comes to challenging parts of that advise. However, when we read that the embassy would appear to find it acceptable that a British citizen with a Palestinian name might face problems, we should be writing to Mr Gould’s boss, the slightly gormless, William Hague, and tell him in no uncertain terms that it is about time that he started to take his responsibilities regarding all British citizens a little more seriously. After all, doesn’t he know that his boss, Mrs Windsor, doesn’t only “request“, but, indeed, “requires“, that the holder of a British passport should be allowed to “pass freely without let or hindrance”, while being givensuch assistance and protection as may be necessary.

Yes, Mr Hague and Mr Gould’s Zionist friends might be getting away with treating their own Palestinian citizens as third class citizens but when they start treating British citizens, any British citizen, like a piece of shit, it is indeed, time for “oor Wullie” to pull his socks up. Moreover, if the FCO is in any doubt as to the implications of what “facing problems” might mean to anyone with a Palestinian name. They need look no further than the American citizen and Palestinian youth activist, Fadi Quran.

This young man, who, some eleven months ago, ‘Time Magazine’, portrayed as a key leader of a new nonviolent youth movement in the Occupied Territories, has, according to the ‘Standford Daily’ just been tried in Jerusalem. His crime, well allegedly our non-violent protester pushed an Israeli soldier.” Now, I am not sure as to how “violent” his push actually was but we do have video evidence of how the brave IDF boys reacted. Of course, our activists, unlike the gormless Mr Hague, are clever chaps and, who knows, not only might the video be manipulated just a little bit, but indeed Fadi, a Stanford, graduate, might know how to play for effect. Nevertheless, Fadi has gone on trial in Jerusalem for allegedly “pushing a soldier”; a soldier who appears to be dressed in some very serious combat gear and who appears to be carrying something which looks suspiciously like the WMD they might find in Iran after they have flattened it.

Finally, this incident happened in Hebron, which to remind everyone, including Mr Gould and Mr Hague, is illegally occupied Palestinian territory. Therefore, Mrs Windsor this one British citizen would be grateful if you were to not only tell your employees that they have to start protecting all British citizens, but also inform them that it is time to obey international law. Who knows we might even have some real positive spin-off; the United States might even follow suit and the Zionist thugs might even stop attacking people with Arab names and, indeed, anybody who happens to disagree with them.


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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2 Responses to If you are a British national with a Palestinian name you may face problems

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another hit the nail on the head post!
    well done!

  2. I was slightly perturbed by your description of Little Boy Blue as “slightly gormless.”
    You redeemed yourself by dropping the “slightly” further on.
    Good work – another fine post.

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