David Cameron says that “Iran is a disasterous country, with mass unemployment and a dysfunctional economy”

David Cameron has said that “Iran should not be seen as “a mini superpower” but as “a disastrous country with mass unemployment and a dysfunctional economy.” and he then goes on to warn us that this “not even” “mini superpower” is seeking to build an “inter-continental nuclear weapon” that threatens the west.

Of course, at the EU summit at the beginning of December, David showed no desire to sort out his own dysfunctional economy when he used his veto and so prevented any regulatory controls on the City of London. The message was clear, short-term fluctuations will continue to corrode the value of any forward thinking business which, of course, will be starved of investment anyway. The poor will continue to get poorer in a society where a collection of repulsively rich kleptomaniacs protect their own interests by siphoning off the lions share of the capital and the talent that might otherwise be used productively.

In case the British Prime Minister didn’t know it, the United Kingdom is itself a disastrous country, not only does it have a seriously dysfunctional economy, where a handful of City spivs winds up the rest of the population, but it also has mass unemployment for while the official unemployment rate for December 2011 might be 8.4%, we can be fairly certain that the real unemployment rate is in fact much higher. Nevertheless, and most importantly, we should look at the main message that Cameron is trying to convey.

That message is, of course, not Iran’s dysfunctional economy and high unemployment. After all, as has been implied, Cameron is not only ignoring, but indeed facilitating his own country’s high unemployment and dysfunctional economy. The message is, to some extent at least, that Iran has pretensions to being a super-power and that it is working on intercontinental nuclear. Of course this quite absurd  and it is something that the seriously short-sighted, seriously stupid, seriously sick and seriously deluded among us would wish to debate.

However, there is also another message and it is certainly also one that Cameron does not wish to convey,  and that message is that the guild of bankers, arms manufactures and oil companies in the United Kingdom and all of their toadies are keeping in step with their accomplices in Washington and Jerusalem. Side effects include, having to talk the most puerile pish imaginable, imagining that you are a mini-super power, cultivating a dysfunctional economy and ultimately sending a youth that is excluded from participation in society to die on foreign fields, and the benefits …………?


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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  1. Love it. But I am a tad concerned about your blood pressure!

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