The exploitation of Jewish suffering and ignoring the suffering of others

“The bodies of the four victims of the school shooting will be flown to Israel for burial“, according to the Israeli government, and I am left wondering if they were French citizens or not. Moreover, with Netanyahu quick to refer to the attack as a “despicable anti-Semitic act“, that point is hardly irrelevant and once again the Zionist state is saying that Jews can only be safe in Israel a message that is reinforced by “the philosopher with Zionist leanings”,  Bernhard Henri Levy who says; “So France is a country where, in 2012, in the country’s third largest city, one can shoot at a Jewish school and kill children, point-blank.”

That the same killer is probably also behind the two shootings over the past week which left three French Army parachutists dead and another critically wounded, is, of course, not mentioned by Netanyahu. It is left here to Levy to put those killings into a very strange perspective while  making a case for that Jewish exclusiveness which Zionists are all too ready to exploit for their own ends. He says:

“Whatever link may be established with the mysterious murders of soldiers, last week, in Toulouse and in Montauban, the fact remains—and it is monstrous: French children, Jewish and French or, if one prefers, sovereignty French but guilty of having been born Jewish, were coldly gunned down, in broad daylight, on the territory of the Republic.”

“Whatever link?” Well, three of the soldiers were of Arab origin. That Mr Levy is the link; all of the attacks were racially motivated. Therefore, Mr Levy, when it comes to condemning a society for allowing children to be killed at point-blank range just because they belong to a different ethnic or religious group, you might want to point the finger in the direction of your co-conspirator, Benjamin Netanyahu.  Of course, that is not going to happen and once again we have an example of the “Jewish state” moving in to exploit Jewish suffering.


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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4 Responses to The exploitation of Jewish suffering and ignoring the suffering of others

  1. The latest theory is that the killer is working to a four day pattern, which would mean that Friday, Muslim prayer day, people of all races and creeds will need to be extra-vigilant.

    That the Israeli politburo show no compassion for anyone but their own is saddening. But not surprising.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yes I fully agree with devilsaardvark. Unfortunately we are moving towards 1930s European pattern. Well maybe this time as a farce?

  3. redscribe says:

    Looks like it was an Algerian Al Qa’eda supporter. Shooting of the soldiers not ‘racially motivated’ per se, but rather I suppose a punishment of ‘traitors’. Not untypical of Al Qa’eda, unfortunately, but not any kind of Nazi resurrection. Rather a spill-over from the Middle East. No less indefensible for that though.

  4. sanculottist says:

    not sure what that means “an algerian al qaèda supporter”. firstly, he was a french citizen and, secondly, there is absolutely no proof of his being affiliated to any islamist group.

    granted he appears to have had a bee in his bonnet because of a number of things but, having looked at his “werdegang”, i would say that his concocted identity was due, to a large extent, to his own personal alienation as much as it was to his family being originally from algeria. of course, i am no psychoanalysist and even if i were, i would need to have had him on my couch for at least thirty minutes.

    nevertheless, my hypothesis is at least as sound as those coming out of france and possibly more so as there is really conflicting information as to when he was in afghanistan and what he actually did there; the people at the kandahar ministry of information have never heard of him and his lawyer (regarding a driving offence last month) said that he was in prison in france when he was originally supposed to have been in afghanistan and that when he (his lawyer) did meet him, after he had been in afghanistan he found him to be “by no means rigid or fanatical” while going on to say, “he was polite and courteous … quite sweet. actually.”

    well, we will never know, as there is no recording of his confessing to being a member of that very hetrogeneous, at least amorphous, organisation al-qu’eda, and his being shot, while still resisting as he was falling out of a window, will ensure that we will never hear his version of the story. who knows that might just have been ….. “i am a scizophrenic psychopath” and there wouldn’t be much political capital in that, would there?

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