Articles from ‘Haaretz’; one good for a laugh, one to make you despair and meanwhile down in Gaza

It’s time to intervene against racism in Israeli soccer

The State of Israel cannot allow a situation in which a sport avidly followed by hundreds of thousands of people, among them many youngsters, turns into an untreatable abscess of racism and violence.

At least the author of the article knows where the racism comes from. He writes; “Only in Israeli soccer can a club block Arabs from joining its ranks.” Yes, it is called institutionalized racism and, while Israel needs it to exist, it is banned by UEFA, FIFA, the IOC, and every other sporting body. Why has Israel not been banned from international sport? … and from the same paper:

Palestinian woman arrested for alleged anti-Abbas Facebook post

A 37-year-old university lecturer is being detained over comments found on her Facebook page calling for Abbas’ retirement.

“Palestinian security forces arrested Ismat Abdul-Khaleq after they found writing on her Facebook page accusing Abbas of being a traitor and demanding he resign.” Yes, the truth does hurt, doesn’t it Mr Abbas However, if your idea of a state is a few Bantustans in the West Bank where you and your kleptomaniac mates can live the good life, a traitor is what you are.

.…. and with a blogger reporting from Gaza, that “there are many accounts of abuses from the security forces of Hamas against journalists and regular citizens that dare to hold a camera,  illegal detentions, incarceration, and confiscation of laptops and cameras, and cell phones are common complaints,” …… well, what a mess!


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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4 Responses to Articles from ‘Haaretz’; one good for a laugh, one to make you despair and meanwhile down in Gaza

  1. Time to start hounding Sepp Blatter with emails methinks.

    Liking the new look btw.

    • sanculottist says:

      it is an obvious issue when you look at the spats between evra and suarez and …… was it john terry and the other ferdinand? moreover, apparently you have to be very careful about what you sing up in glasgow these days!

      • Oh yes, silly me. Blatter said there was no racism in football and that any “issues” could be resolved at the end of the game with a “handshake.”
        Is that his advice to Netenyahu and Ahmadinejad?
        And in my experience you ALWAYS have to be careful what you sing in Glasgow… especially with an English accent!!!

  2. sanculottist says:

    actually forgot about that; “blatter’s handshake”. well, handshakes might work in his home country, switzerland. after all, they have managed to avoid wars there since the days of wilhelm tell …. and there they all are; french speakers, german speakers, italian speakers and, even, romance speakers, catholics and reformist protestants, all living happily together.

    still, what a boring place, if you don’t like good food, and skiing, and beautiful countryside, and first rate infrastructure, and …… gets a bit like the “life of brian” scene where john cleese, i think it was, asks; “what have the romans ever done for us?” nevertheless, a wee bit of chaos in switzerland would do it no harm.

    the israelis, of course, have a solution to their racism vis-a-vis the arabs; just get rid of the arabs.

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