Al Jazeera has just reported that Bo Xilai has been suspended from the Party

Well, hardly a turn up for the books when we consider the previous Bo Xilai posts in this blog. Still, with “Mrs Bo”, Gu Kailai, and Zhang Xiaojun, an assistant in Bo’s household, being named as suspects in the murder of the British businessman Nick Heywood and with Bo being suspended from the Central Committee and its Politburo, a comeback from the ex-Chongqing mayor here, will make Liverpool’s winning the Champions League in 2005 after being 0-3 down to A.C.Milan at half time …… well, you get the picture!

Indeed, when Xinhau reports that Bo Xilai’s membership of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and the CPC Central Committee, has been suspended, “as he is suspected of being involved in serious discipline violations,” if you want an analogy with that balmy evening in Istanbul in 2005, it would have to be a fictional one and one where Milan are ten up at half time. We can be fairly certain that Bo is not up against the ropes here, he is down and out.

Moreover, while it is too early to assess the full political implications of Bo’s removal, and while the residents of Chongqing are still “staggered”, we can be fairly certain that by the time the 18th CPC National Congress comes around in the Autumn the interest will have moved away from Chongqing to Beijing.

Nevertheless, when we read that according to senior officials from related authorities the incident serves to show us that China is a socialist country ruled by law, and the sanctity and authority of law shall not be tramped. Whoever has broken the law will be handled in accordance with law and will not be tolerated, no matter who is involved,” we might permit ourselves a smirk. The evidence would appear to suggest that, princeling or not, Bo just made too many enemies and that he, and, of course, by implication his wife, whatever their crimes, are just victims of the political infighting that takes place in China. ….. and so back to that balmy evening in Istanbul, and in China we should not expect a “whole new ball game.


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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2 Responses to Al Jazeera has just reported that Bo Xilai has been suspended from the Party

  1. Nash says:

    Hi, Tutor. This is Nash speaking. Amazing that you paid such attention to China’s political situation and you had gave a deep insight in it. This situation is significant and it means that the Party has started to deal with quite a high level officers, which is a good performance of anti-corruption. And obviously, as you say”Bo just made too many enemies and his crimes are just victims of the political infighting”. In China, the sense or opinion of politicians should be in accordance with the top leader or ruler. If you try to go to another way, you will have more enemies and be punished. Although our social system is bad for the democracy, it is beneficial for the stability of the country and high efficiency for important national decision.

  2. sanculottist says:

    china is too big to fail. however, you want it to succeed for all of its people and for the good of the rest of the planet. the three links i have to china are to the left of this post. however, you know the issues, social inequality, environmental issues and, to some extent, transparency.

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