Tony Blair wants to “re-engage” with British politics

Gallus George Galloway, when it comes to politics there is no disagreement with him on most things, but coming originally from Glasgow myself, the tendency is to see him as some sort of political Billy Connolly. Both a little bit too full of themselves and rather more limited than they would like to admit. Still, it would hardly be relevent to get into that and, as stated, politically there is not a lot of disagreement with him. Therefore, when he calls Tony Blair a war criminal George is expressing my sentiments exactly. Well, not sentiments actually, this is stating the obvious and as the less myopic of us know Tony belongs in front of the ICC in the Hague.

Unfortunately, the evidence suggests that he is not going to end up there, and in today’s Independent  we can read that he is planning to “re-engage” with British politics. Now, you might think that the Labour Party might be trying to distance itself from such an engagement. However, there we have Ed Milliband’s spokesman announcing that: “Tony Blair is a very big, successful Labour figure who won three general elections. He talks to Ed regularly and we would be delighted to see him re-engaging in British politics.”

What have they not understood? This is a war criminal who is responsible for taking the United Kingdom into two illegal wars, this is a man who as a so-called peace envoy in the Middle East was accused by the Palestinians of being a blatant pro-Zionist, a heinous hypocrite who engages in hearty backslapping with some of the most despicable despots in order to promote his own interests.

Of course, the sad thing is that this is not something they can see, or if they can see it, it is not something they can admit, for to do so would mean sending Tony to the dock in the Hague and we can be sure that Ed and his cronies are well aware that would mean not only that their little scam would be revealed for what it is, but also that they all could, at some time in the future, be following him. Yes, a political Billy Connolly perhaps, but ….. well, he does seem to hit the nail on the head, does “our” George.


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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One Response to Tony Blair wants to “re-engage” with British politics

  1. More chance of getting Billy Connolly to engage in a political career than getting Blair to The Hague. More’s the pity.
    The Big Yin for PM!

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