Kofi Annan washes his hands of mission impossible

The nature of the hypocrisy is actually quite astounding. Whatever one might think of the Assad regime, for almost two years now the British government in collusion with Washington, the Gulf states, Turkey and, of course, Israel have been working on the violent overthrow of a foreign government and now the British foreign secretary, William Hague, once again throws in his tuppence worth as Kofi Annan “washes his hands of Syria mission impossible”.

“Diplomacy has not worked so far, diplomacy has so far failed the people of Syria,” Hague told the BBC. “That doesn’t mean that we give up on diplomacy,”  Mr Hague tells us, but we should be in no doubt as to exactly what that so-called “diplomacy” implies, for this is now all about reaching an agreement with Moscow and not Damascus.  Furthermore, even if RT is still showing the other side of the story when reporting war crimes by the so-called “Free Syrian Army”, we shouldn’t be too surprised if some sort of compromise with Moscow is in fact possible.

Therefore, we might expect with chaos “a la Libya”, or indeed with full-blown civil war, on the ground, and with Assad removed from power, all and sundry to sit down with Putin and agree to accepting Russian strategic interests in the region, including the continued use of the port of Tartus. A high price for Washington and its allies to pay, one might think, as they get ready to close in on Iran. However, rest assured, the agreement with Putin will be just another “scrap of paper” as we all prepare for that “wonderful” “new American century” , which, the more you think about, isn’t that new really. Yes, this has been going on for a long, long, time.


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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