Finding the pretext to go to war with Syria

2013-08-24 11.25.26Memories are short, but just let me refresh them a little and they never did manage to find those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, did they? No, they didn’t  and weren’t they telling us back in April of a chemical attack, which didn’t quite happen the way “they” told us it had happened.

Who are “they”? Well, we have the British Foreign Minister, William Hague, telling us once again that Assad is behind chemical attacks in Syria. Yes, not so much a case of yesterday’s paper selling yesterday’s news, but more a case of yesterday’s news being regurgitated to justify the warmongers going to war. It makes you want to puke. Of course, there are those, who will be saying ego doesn’t know his ass from his elbows and there are independent reports that would appear to verify that there was a chemical attack. Nevertheless, we should still be asking questions and those questions might even bring us back to asking who are “they” and what do they want”?

Firstly, is Assad, a man who has astutely hung on to power since taking over the country on 17 July 2000, whose forces are winning the conventional battle on the ground, really stupid enough to order these chemical attacks when he knows all too well of the consequences they will have? No, even “they” are not stupid enough to assert that, and we can find that the latest scapegoat is his “ruthless brother”, Maher al-Assad. However, as plausible as this might sound, it still brings us back to “them” and what is this really all about?

Well, “they” are, of course, the Syrian Opposition, whatever that is, and “they” are, of course, the American, British, French, and Turkish governments, who along with the Gulf Arab states are just itching for a pretext to set the whole region in flames for a variety of reasons which are so divergent it is almost a wonder that they  converge.  However, as they do converge we would do well to at least heed the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, asserting:

It must be understood that Syria is the test field of Iran. Iran is watching closely how the world reacts to the criminal acts of Syria and Hezbollah,”

For that is really the “quo vadis” of the whole charade. Therefore, do you now realise what this is all about? It is, of course, in part about the Sunni sultans of swing replaying the battle of Karbala, and it is, of course, in part about Turkey playing at being a regional power, while Israel firmly cements its own role as a regional power. However, even more importantly, it is really all about the neo-cons preparing once again to go to war, on the road to the big one, which is just before the bigger one (China), and rest assured they will be telling a few more fibs, lies and whoppers on the way,


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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