History made in Britain and foreigners could run the police

Guadi and Girona, and the Catalonia days provide sunshine and a sort of asylum from the world at large. The holiday experience, the superficial cultural experience, facilitates escapism. However, cognitive and emotional engagement while confined to the last couple of hours of the evening, does take place, even if it does not concern itself with the victims of Spain’s austerity programme or, indeed, the immediate environment.

There is the “face time” call to England and a discussion of an almost “history is bunk” Britain. Well, almost and, well they do have their right royal jingoistic, imperialistic, traditions, their “downtown abbeys”. The conversation got me drifting back to the summer in Lincoln and the plethora of books in Waterstones’ that are being published in preparation for celebrating David Cameron’s “something noble” World War One and there will be very few reminders of Wilfred Owen’s If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood, Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud”, war. One wonders, of course, what the world would think if the people of Munich were to celebrate similar obscenities.

Of course, the Cameron classes never really did give much of a toss about the people of the world and today’s ‘Guardian’ informs us that:

“Foreign police officers could soon be recruited to run forces in England and Wales as long as they are from the US, Canada, or another country with a similar criminal justice system to Britain.”

Madness, madness, and one can only hope for the people of Britain that the United States’ “similar criminal justice system to Britain”, will not see the fortunate wandering behind bars for life plus 1,000 years, and the less fortunate  finding themselves sitting in death row.


About sanculottist

There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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