Israel, the United States, and the real Writing on the Wall

Peter Münch has been writing on Israel for ‘Die Süddeutsche Zeitung’ for a long time and his most recent article “Menetekel”, which translates as “the writing on the wall”, can only confirm a contention made in this blog exactly seven years ago; his reporting represents “drivel of the sort that requires very little research and certainly no thought.” Or, how else are we to view his account and analysis of Israel’s latest incursion into Syria?

The reader is told that this was a routine mission and Israel has been launching attacks like this for years and, even if it does contravene international law, it is given a veneer of normality when it would in fact be normal if Israel was criminalised for its actions. However, what is not normal for hack writers of Mr Münch’s persuasion is, …. wait for it, ….that Syria has retaliated, which Mr Münch sees as an indication of the following scenario if Assad and his allies win in Syria.

Iranian troops will be on Israel’s border, there will be a constant threat to the Golan Heights, which our hack fails to mention is illegally occupied Syrian territory, and the Hezbollah, battle hardened and armed with Syrian weapons, will be relieved of its commitments elsewhere and better prepared for a war with Israel than it was in 2006.

Not only does it appear doubtful that Mr Münch knows how well-prepared the Hezbollah actually was in 2006, but he seems to be unaware that Israel attacking its neighbours, which he says it has been doing for years, and describes as “routine”is in fact a blatant breach of international law. Indeed, all that his piece would appear to do is support the Zionist state in its belief that it needs to adopt an “iron wall” strategy in order to deal with the Palestinians and with its neighbours from a position of unassailable strength.

However, that should come as no surprise as the strategy has become almost synonymous with Israel’s raison d’être and, even if it should be a justification for putting the Zionist state beyond the pale, it is highly unlikely that Mr Münch and millions of other apologists for Israel are going to make that point. Therefore, what we have here is a classical rogue state, minus the unpredictability,unleashed, and unconstrained.

Of course, the reader has to leave the daily drivel pumped out by the mainstream media to get a more realistic assessment of what Israel is doing and Stephen Lendman hits the nail on the head when he says, “Israel reserves the right to attack Syria preemptively at its discretion for any reason any time – a flagrant international law violation” before referring indirectly to the “iron wall” strategy when he points out “if Syria exercises its right of self-defense in response to an Israeli attack on its territory, the IDF will unleash greater aggression than before.”

Mr Lendman the Journalist and Mr Münch the pseudo Journalist seem to agree on what Israel is doing. However, it is only the former who questions the legality of Israel’s actions before going on to criticise the world community when pointing out that it “is silent in the face of Israel’s announced intention to violate international laws governing warfare, besides numerous previous breaches against Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq, along with subversion against Iran and other nations.”

Furthermore, Mr Lendman succinctly argues that “Israel’s only threats are ones it invents” to effectively continue its ethnic cleansing of Palestine and to continue its support of Washington’s foreign policy. Indeed with the US sending an additional 400 troops to Syria and with the American military having “declined to say how many troops it has deployed”, the evidence would appear to suggest that an original neocon/Israeli/Saudi plan for “regime change” in Syria is still very much on the agenda. Hardly unexpected, but at least proof that Trump’s promised move away from the policy of “intervention and chaos” was nothing more than hot air, but that is another story, even if it represents that bigger picture which totally eludes hacks like Peter Münch.


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There are a lot of poor bastards out there being used and abused; it is just not cricket "old bean". Something tells me that ignorance is not bliss, but is, in fact, simply ignorance and in the global village we cannot look the other way.
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